Monday, September 15, 2014

Latest Bob Hairstyles Trends

Nothing is more exciting than new hairstyles. Well, all women feel it so it is no wonder that more women put more effort to come up with new and better hairstyle. Thanks to the great work of hairstylists, women now can enjoy various trends and styles. Bob hairstyles are among the fabulous styles loved by so many women including stars. Back to around a century ago, bob hair was first invented by famous hairstylist called Antonine in Paris but it was then starting to get popular in 1920s. Bob is the sign of the women’s liberty because it doesn’t follow the common assumption that puts long hairstyle above everything. That is why bob hair has got itself a popular position in fashion industry until now. It is often loved because it just fits various face shapes, hair colors, hair types and also one’s personality. No doubt that it gives the completely new fabulous look to its wearer.

Nowadays, there are the traditional and modern bob hairstyles. The traditional ones usually comprise of sleek severe short cut that is cut uniformly. It works great for women in any ages from teenagers to women above 50s. Meanwhile, the modern bob hairs are the angled and inverted bob just like what Victoria Beckham has. The most elegant and stylish ones are the inverted bob that are usually cut in manner by stacking the hair at the back and adding texture and volume in the crown. The other bob style, angled bob offers different look that is classy and a bit dramatic. It is usually cut at slight angle where the hair at the front is slightly longer. It is also easy both to wear and to maintain.